Hello, Welcome to my blog!


While going through this blog you will see all sorts of ideas and creations. There are a few categories to explore such as, career research, education and training, goals and lastly the 5 year plan. Each category is created and organized differently than the other. In the career information tab you will find majors I am thinking about going into in college and there are links that will explain what each field is. The tab education/ training explains the process and requirements for the fields explained in the career research section of this blog. Lastly, the goals and the 5 year plan go together because they are ideas/goals I would like to happen in the near future.


Blogging is a great skill to have and it also is very easy to set up. Blogging brings out communications skills and many other skills like: reading, writing, and listening. It also builds connections and relationships with one another, making blogging useful.

Promoting ideas, expressing an individuals opinions/thoughts, organizing ideas are only some reasons why blogging is useful, there are many more out there you just have to discover them.



this blog project was very helpful because it lays out information I will need to know in the future while planning for college.


Blogging brings out creativity.
Blogging brings out creativity.


Find YOUR Voice.
Find YOUR Voice.


BLOG on speech bubble price labels



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