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Occupational Therapist or Recreational Therapist?



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Recreational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Assistant

 Pros and Cons

Becoming an Occupational Therapist or Recreational Therapist would be a great career choice for anyone wanting to work in a health related field. As a therapist you get to make a difference in a patients life and everyday will not be the exact same as the day before. An occupational or recreational therapist can work in a variety of settings and work will a variety of people, it is your choice to make. I believe anyone can become a Occupational or Recreational Therapist as long as you put your heart and soul and determination in the career.


I chose Occupational Therapy as a career because I had to see an Physical Therapist twice a week and during that time, I noticed how much they had helped me get back into my normal routine and without the help of the physical therapists I wouldn’t be able to do something’s I was able to do before. So that is when I decided to look in the therapy field. After doing a little research I realized a career in therapy would be right for me. As a result, I have chosen to make Occupational Therapist my major in college.


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